Consultorio de Dramaturgia.

Consultorio de Dramaturgia

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sábado, agosto 01, 2009

X Homes: The Homemakers

X Homes: The Homemakers
Here can read a part of the article written by Renate Klett in english. The entire article you find in the link below.

Police operation: reality overruns fiction

Every stop, every experience is different and by evening, you are filled to the brim with impressions and thoughts – not to mention the intensity of urban life. X Homes is exhausting, but incomparable. Then, at Ariel Davila’s production, reality overruns any fiction. He wanted to work with the homeless who are squatters in a vacant high-rise. On the second day of rehearsals, the house was cleared by the police and over one hundred families camped out on a bridge stairwell, and then were sent to an old warehouse, which they furbished in a makeshift way. Now, they receive their visitors there. Davila, transformed from director to documentary-maker, has hung his photographs on clotheslines and shows a film about the events. The homeless people, many of them employed but so underpaid that they cannot afford a place to live, are pugnacious and well organized. They will probably occupy yet another high-rise – enough of them stand empty.

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